3'UTR Genes: 19,834
3'UTR SNPs: 175,351
dSNPs: 630
Disease-SNP pairs: 786
Diseases: 204
PubMed IDs: 754
Version Release: 11.03

About miR

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) can lead to the susceptibility and onset of diseases through their effects on gene expression at the posttranscriptional level. Recent findings indicate that SNPs could create, destroy, or modify the efficiency of miRNA binding to the 3'UTR of a gene, resulting in gene dysregulation. With the rapidly growing number of published disease-associated SNPs (dSNPs), few resources exist for exploring dSNPs on the 3'UTRs and their spacial relationship with miRNA target sites. We present here a database of manually curated dSNPs on the 3'UTRs of human genes from available publications in PubMed. The current release includes 786 dSNP-disease associations for 630 unique dSNPs and 204 disease types. The advanced web interface allows users to perform proximity searches between miRNA target sites and dSNPs by gene name, miRbase ID, target prediction algorithm, disease, and any nucleotide distance between dSNPs and miRNA target sites. The web interface displays detailed sequence views showing the relationship between dSNPs, miRNA target sites, and SNPs. An interactive visualization tool shows the chromosomal distribution of dSNPs, miRNA target sites (from TargetScan), and SNPs. miRdSNP provides a comprehensive data source of dSNPs and robust tools to capture their spacial relationship with miRNA target sites on the 3'UTRs of human genes. miRdSNP enables researchers to further explore the molecular mechanism of gene dysregulation for dSNPs at posttranscriptional level.

Andrew E. Bruno, Li Li, James L. Kalabus, Yuzhuo Pan, Aiming Yu, Zihua Hu. miRdSNP: a database of disease-associated SNPs and microRNA target sites on 3'UTRs of human genes. BMC Genomics, 13(1):44, 2012. doi:10.1186/1471-2164-13-44

Advanced Search Density Plots

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miRdSNP Advanced Search Interface

Visualization of miRNA target site, SNP, and disease density across chromosomes

Visualization of miR target site, SNP, and disease density across chromosomes